Plant Based Skincare

Avant is a powerful plant based skincare company providing results through natural, organic, non-toxic products to enhance well being in women, men and families. Inspired by Terra Mater “Goddess of Earth“, we promote high quality products for a healthier and joyful you…inside and out.

Full of powerful antioxidants, botanical oils, essential oils, minerals and vitamins, our products are scientifically formulated to tackle common skin complaints and provide effective anti aging treatments without harsh chemicals. Our formulas are healing and promote cell regeneration to keep you looking youthful & naturally radiant.

Customer Reviews

  • “This stuff is absolutely amazing! It does exactly what I was hoping for and it is much more gentle to my skin compared to other charcoal masks.”- Andrea C.     
  • “Liquid Rejuvenation lives up to its’ name. I have noticed an overall smoothness in only a few days. It’s like a facial smoothie for my skin :) I love it. ”- Nancy F.     
  • “This product is so amazing. So hydrating, so light and silky! So happy to have found such a high quality hydrating face moisturizer.”- Erin H.     
  • “Loved this product! I use it at night and it leaves my skin baby smooth the next day. After only a week of use my skin is radiant!”- Darcy J.     
  • “This stuff is a miracle in a pill for me. Just after 1 week I noticed my hair softer and thicker. In 3 1/2 weeks my hair is healthy and I believe has gotten longer!”- Ann L.     
  • “These are great, I feel they really work, my hair has grown quite a bit, and feels stronger too. My skin Is looking brighter, my nails not as brittle. I will keep taking these!!!”- Jill J.     

Product Info

  • Made In America

    All Avant products are proudly Made In The USA.

  • FDA Approved

    All Avant products are made in an FDA approved facility. We also comply with FDA's GMP regulations to ensure the highest product quality and protecting you, the consumer from purchasing a product which is not effective or even dangerous.

  • Organic & Natural

    Avant products are full of healthy, non-toxic ingredients, most of which are organic & natural.

  • Fragrances

    Avant products do not contain any harmful fragrances which are synthetic and contain an undisclosed amount of chemicals. Our aroma comes naturally from the essential oils used in our formulas which dissipates quickly and does not linger.

  • Cruelty Free

    Our products are never tested on animals and are Cruelty Free.

  • Sustainability Development

    Avant is socially responsible with a belief in Sustainability Development (SD) to reduce the long term environmental impact of our products. We are dedicated to the ethical sourcing of natural raw materials, energy efficient production, recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

Healing skin care full of powerful antioxidants, botanical oils, essential oils, minerals and vitamins, direct from Terra Mater.      