Almighty Antioxidants

skin care, skincare, antioxidant, antioxidantsAntioxidants And Antiaging

Taking antioxidants are perfect if you are looking for a safe, effortless way to add to your anti-aging treatment beauty regimen. This substance has been validated scientifically ever since it has been put to extensive study fifty years ago.

A French study revealed that women taking different antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene, among others, were found to develop less wrinkles and reduce existing ones than those women who don’t. This happens because according to study, antioxidants are the perfect agent to prevent the breakdown of the skin’s most important structural proteins, collagens and elastins.

You can find high contents of antioxidants in foods like the following:

Avocados | Raisins | Blueberries | Cranberries | Raspberries | Plums
Spinach | Broccoli | Brussel sprouts

antioxidant rich blueberries, skincare, skin care

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant used by many women not only for immunity to sickness but as a significant beauty supplement. It helps in repairing damaged skin by creating collagen. It is important to note that those with lower vitamin C levels are often more susceptible to skin damage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A deficiency can result in reduced effectiveness of your skin care treatments. It can lead to different skin problems such as localized breakouts, rough or dry skin, fragile skin, poor skin texture, wrinkles, and even splitting nails. That is why it is important that your body is using as much vitamin A as needed for renewal and normal growth of your skin cells. Vitamin A serves as antioxidant and keeps your skin supple and helps prevent damage. It also acts as nourishment to the fat layers found underneath your skin.

ALA aka Alpha Lipoic Acid

antioxidantsALA, or alpha lipoic acid, is a great antioxidant supplement you can take along with other antioxidants such as the vitamins C, E, plus the coenzyme Q10. ALA is an important component of your daily supplements as it not only serves as an antioxidant in itself but also supports better absorption of other antioxidants. ALA also helps detoxify metals accumulated by the body as well as boosts the rate of removal of the glucose from your bloodstream. And the main reason why it is an excellent anti-aging treatment for you is that Alpha lipoic acid is one of the most potent, versatile and longer-acting antioxidant vitamins known and works well as a free-radical fighter in the cell plasma membrane.

While the body is capable of producing ALA, it is in very small amounts that only the cells are able to use it for the cellular energy production. ALA serves the benefits as antioxidants only if being supplied into the body with more amount than those produced by the body for the cells. Unfortunately, production of ALA also declines with age just like the collagen and the elastin.


Antioxidants have the ability to repair and preserve cells
making it an excellent anti aging agent.
It has long been accepted and practiced that eating food
with lots of antioxidants slows down aging!