Beauty Products With Pumice?

Pumice is a Wonderfully Natural Beauty Exfoliator

Pumice, skincare, exfoliator, exfoliationPumice should be considered a part of your regular beauty routine. Also referred to as volcanic ash, pumice is a light colored, extremely porous rock that is created from volcanic rock formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It is used in a variety of beauty products providing a light exfoliation of your skin removing dry and excess skin.

Pumice is excellent for removing dead skin cells and smoothing out the texture of your skin. When used properly, it can unclog pores drawing out dirt and toxins to reveal a radiant skin tone.

Dermatologist Mary Ellen Brademas says “Sloughing makes skin thicker,
which wards off aging. Young people have a thicker epidermis. Thickening the skin is the
whole point of all abrasives. That’s the whole point of my pumice.”

Be Aware Of Harsh Exfoliators

Unlike other exfoliants on the market that include such ingredients as crushed walnut shells, pumice is milled into a fine powder and works as a mild abrasive. It is a much more gentle way to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover.

Harsher abrasives can actually damage skin and may cause micro-tears, lead to damage, and inflame blackheads. Scrub lightly with pumice and you should only feel a very slight abrasive sensation. Follow with a high-grade moisturizer to prevent dryness and discontinue use of any pumice products immediately if extreme irritation occurs.

Pumice, skincare, beauty

When you encourage your epidermis, the outermost layer of our skin, to slough off dead surface cells at an accelerated rate, you can achieve a youthful glow while minimizing pores and keeping them safe from bacterial infections.

If using our Charcoal Exfoliating Age Defying Mask, apply to skin, wait 10-20 minutes, then use a circular motion to start sloughing away the dead skin. Your skin should be nice and soft from the essential oils and should start coming right off. Keep going until you remove the dead skin and get to the fresh, supple skin underneath. Don’t press too hard, light pressure is all that is needed.