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Are Fragrances Harmful?

The Fragrance of a Rose is Harmful? How can fragrances be harmful if they are an ingredient in so many beauty products? And why do brands, including “luxurious” brands use synthetic fragrances? Because the chemicals smell luxurious and are much cheaper to produce than natural scents. However, we encourage you to always be on the ... More

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Beauty Products With Pumice?

Pumice is a Wonderfully Natural Beauty Exfoliator Pumice should be considered a part of your regular beauty routine. Also referred to as volcanic ash, pumice is a light colored, extremely porous rock that is created from volcanic rock formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It is used in a variety of beauty products providing a light ... More

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Beauty With Lemons

Beauty Benefits of Lemons Including Its Powerful Antioxidant Qualities Let's take a look at one of Mother Nature's most wonderful beauty fruits full of antioxidants! Used for over 1,000 years for medicinal purposes and backed by scientific research, lemons are a true gift to our body and certainly our skin. You will find lemon oil is only ... More