With the cost of living at an all-time high and our money being stretched thinner than ever before, it’s easy to think shelling out for expensive kitchenware is an unnecessary expense.

We’re here to tell you why you’re wrong.

3 Reasons Why Quality Kitchenware is Worth the Price.

1. Longevity

It’s easy to think that by saving a few pounds when you purchase new kitchenware, you’re being a savvy shopper. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

Nine times out of ten (but not always), a lower price tag means a lower level of quality. Purchase the cheapest non-stick pan on the market and it won’t be long before that ‘non-stick’ becomes ‘nothing-but-stick’.

By investing in higher quality cookware, utensils, and kitchen accessories, you are reducing the money you need to spend in the future on replacements or repairs.

Spend wisely, and some kitchenware will last a lifetime.

2. More enjoyable/faster cooking experience

Let’s face it, no-one enjoys cooking with a blunt knife, a pan that sticks, or a spatula with an uncomfortable handle. For most people, cooking is a part of everyday life – why not make that part more enjoyable?

By investing in higher quality kitchen equipment, you are reducing the amount of time spent in the kitchen, as well as increasing the enjoyment you get from it.

A quality, non-stick pan? Less time spent scrubbing afterwards.

Sharp, incisive knifes? Cleaner cuts, faster prep, and less accidents (believe it or not).

Stop dreading every mealtime and transform the process into one you love. It’s possible, we promise.

3. Better taste

When it all comes down to it, we love to cook because of the end result. The flavours, textures, and culinary possibilities in the kitchen are endless. So why wouldn’t you want these flavours to be at their very best?

Premium kitchenware not only saves time and effort, but it elevates dishes to a whole new level. Imagine cooking a steak on an old, ex-non-stick pan which has been scraped and scuffed beyond repair. Now imagine searing that same steak on a ripping hot cast iron.

Whether you like steak or not, the way it is cooked makes all the difference – just ask any chef. Most of the time it’s not the ingredients, it’s the cooking.

If you want restaurant-grade results when you hit the stove, you need high-grade equipment. You’d be surprised what you can get your hands on by extending your budget just slightly.

So, have we convinced you? You might be able to save a pound or two here and there, but you’re just going to be inviting future expenses when they rapidly fulfil their lifecycle.